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Istituto Marangoni


Fashion Syling and Creative Direction - Milano


Milano, Italy

País de origen

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Intereses y hobbies

I love to have time and to take care of myself, going to the gym, cooking, reading, watching movies, doing my skin care, learning different languages, learning, and spending time with the people I love are just part of demonstration appreciation and love to myself. And that’s when I best feel.

Breve Bio

My name is Candela Dinenzon, I lived in different country’s my whole life. I started loving fashion ever since I can remember, I used to go to my mom’s closet, when I was little, and dress up with all her clothes. Since then, I always knew that fashion was a special, creative, and interesting world that I wanted to be part in. I had a lot of different people that have helped me, in different times of my life! And I would love to help you in this special path.